Environment Awareness

As part of the Water Centred Design for Life, the initiative ensures water availability for
drinking, sanitation, agriculture, and livestock. As the water scenario improves in the region,
the scope and the need for other development activities emerge.

3000+ participants skilled on Solar PV

15+ vocational training institutes covered

2500+ village homes electrified by solar

5+ villages installed with biogas setup for cooking

15+ villages installed with solar mobile charging stations

The activities and initiatives enhance environmental awareness among children through participatory approaches and encourage them to conduct environment assessment and action in the neighbourhood.The programme is implemented with schools. It includes:

  • Upgraded school infrastructure facilities – buildings, drinking water facility, toilets, composting and waste disposal
  • Tree plantation
  • Environment awareness and community development initiatives in peri-urban areas

The programme designs and undertakes industrial training and assessment of development projects.Initiatives include:

  • Safe chemical handling training to shop floor workers and facilitate the set-up of safe chemical management systems in industries.
  • Occupational health and safety training for industry shop floor workers.
  • Training of industry-level resource and process efficiency.
  • Production process resource efficiency for manufacturing units.
  • Project baseline and impact assessment of development projects.

Our Projects

Co-worker involvement and introduction to renewable energy: A community implementation programme

The project aimed at developing an alternate approach to women empowerment and environment conservation through promotion of solar energy in 5 villages in Phagi, Rajasthan.

Prakriti Eco School: Plantation project in schools_2018

Green space development in Government schools in Gurgaon connecting them to resource efficiency

Village Development, Phagi, Rajasthan 2017

The project electrified 200 households in village Gairatpur Baas in Haryana using solar home lighting systems. The objective was to sensitise the community towards the benefits of solar energy and empower them to use this technology in their daily lives.

Project Jal Jeevan Aarohan 2018, Phagi, Rajasthan

Environment conservation and livelihood enhancement of rural community through skill training and entrepreneurship development benefiting 2000 community members.

RGREP Prakriti Eco School 2014

The Prakriti Eco School is an environment education programme for schools, initiated by Advit Foundation and supported by IKEA. The project was located at the Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park in Gurgaon.

Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park 2009-2016

Advit, the Managing partner to Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HAREDA) running the State level Renewable Energy Park in Gurgaon for 6 years.

More Projects

Alternative approach to women empowerment and environment conservation: Solar electrification project in Rajasthan
Plantation Project 2, 2015
Plantation Project 2015
Plantation Project_2016
RGREP, Prakriti eco school 2011